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Closers Are Losers with Jeremy Miner

Dec 29, 2022

Brian Gaines is making more money selling pools than he ever has before, over 30K a month, and his selling techniques are radically different now that he’s taken NEPQ training.


Brian discusses the details of his old selling methods and the ways that he now knows he sounded just like every other sales person, and...

Dec 27, 2022

Every salesperson has struggled with this reaction from leads at some point in their career: being ghosted. But what’s the best way to move a prospect forward even after they’ve been ghosting, or even if they’re just stuck in the sales process with no clear path forward?


Matt and Jeremy pull from their years of...

Dec 22, 2022

The right sales questions can make the difference between 9K and 40K a month, which is exactly what Chris Nooner experienced selling solar after just one year of NEPQ training.


Chris talks in-depth about his old ways of selling, why he uses the new strategies he’s learned every single time he makes a sale, and how...

Dec 20, 2022

Salespeople talk to a huge variety of prospects on the phone, and depending on who each person is, they’ll have different expectations about how they should be spoken to. So what’s the best way to approach each prospect with the right conversation style, tonality, and strategy? 


Co-host Matt Ryder talks...

Dec 15, 2022

Prospects are used to being sold to, and often are ready to shut a conversation down as soon as someone gets too “salesy”. So what’s the best way to connect with potential leads and follow up without immediately triggering sales resistance? 


Yash Gajjar answers this question and talks about his experience...