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Closers Are Losers with Jeremy Miner

May 26, 2021


Join the Sales Revolution: If you’re ready to do sales differently, you’re in the right place. This community is for entrepreneurs and sales pros to connect, grow, + learn the new (and highly improved) connection-based way of selling.


Does winning more sales seem like an impossible feat now? Don’t give up just yet! We’ll share with you our secrets that will make you a successful salesperson.


In this episode, Chris Ross and I will teach you the hacks to turn your leads into clients by understanding their behavior and considering their emotions. We will also cover the five principles of selling in today’s competitive world and how to deal with your leads in a non-traditional way.


Old traditions have no place in the industry; it’s time to do sales differently! Tune in now and know how!


In this episode, we cover:


  • Introduction [00:00]
  • The path to developing sales knowledge [00:58]
  • Traditional skills: Knowing what works and what doesn’t [08:07]
  • What is the Closers are Losers podcast? [10:39]
  • The communication process in sales [14:55]
  • Why you shouldn’t always talk about yourself when selling [20:31]
  • The role of emotional intelligence and science in buyer-seller relationships [22:04]
  • Five principles of the new model of selling [25:59]
  • Learning particular questions to ask [32:35]
  • Objections, objections, objections [34:06]
  • How important is tonality in a sales call? [38:07]
  • Three things you ought to know earlier in your path to success [40:32]


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About Jeremy Miner:

Jeremy Miner, Chairman at 7th Level, is an internationally recognized sales trainer who has taught thousands of people how to go from just getting average results in selling to becoming a high 6 figure and even 7-figure sales earner and be viewed as the "Trusted Authority" in their market.


Over the years, Jeremy has been asked by thousands of salespeople to train them on how to eliminate rejection, how to connect with their prospects, how to cold call, how to overcome their prospects objections/concerns, and finally how to close more sales without being a pushy, sleazy, disrespected salesperson. 7th Level Communications was created to take any salesperson, no matter their experience, from wherever they're in selling to getting them to a High 6 Figure and even 7-figure annual income in sales.


Visit for his latest blogs, news, tips, training.


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