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Closers Are Losers with Jeremy Miner

Apr 28, 2022

What is the secret behind the success of this 17-year old earning 5x the average salesperson in his industry?


This young lad is on the road to becoming a sales legend in a few years time. And if you really check what makes him so competent in what he does, what you’ll find is the new method of selling we teach or...

Apr 26, 2022

Most salespeople feel like they’re in a battleground when selling to today’s prospects. This dilemma boils down to the methods used, thus we take a deeper look at the old way vs. new way of selling. 


With the old way of selling, prospects feel manipulated into a sale thus triggering sales resistance and you’re...

Apr 25, 2022

All selling is change! 


A good salesperson is good at making their prospects see in their mind that changing their situation is far less risky than them doing nothing at all. Because by staying in the status quo, their problems stay the same.


To be good at doing that, you need to realize that you’re not selling...

Apr 21, 2022

Who can make it to the top 1% of the best salespeople in any given industry? 


If there’s anything that separates the top 1% of salespeople from the rest, it’s the consistently high results they produce every month. I’ve seen this trend among some of the best people I train here in 7th level. 


In this podcast...

Apr 19, 2022

What makes you a good salesperson in today’s selling environment? 


The bitter pill salespeople need to swallow is that the skills good salesperson had before isn’t what you need today. So if you’re still stuck using methods the old sales gurus teach instead of acquiring the right skillset then you’re probably...