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Closers Are Losers with Jeremy Miner

Nov 25, 2020

My guest today started in B2B sales in the 1980’s, around the same time fax machines were the height of communications.  He started off on the phone, and has held almost every possible role in sales over the years. He works with companies of all sizes, helping them improve and achieve their revenue goals. People have labeled him “a brilliant sales tactician”, which is fine by him, as he truly believes that success in sales is all about Execution! Everything else is just talk; and “apparently” there is no shortage of “talk” according to him in sales. :-)  This is why his work is focused on helping sales teams and organizations better execute their sales process. With a laser focus on metrics and process, he helps clients improve critical aspects of their sales cycle, including: aligning the buyer process, removing redundancies to shorten their cycles, increasing close ratios, and creating double digit growth through the execution of strategy and through tactical execution. He also helps improve adoption, and by extension, the behavioral change required for ongoing improvement in execution and results.